Automated Inventory

Automated Inventory Management

Industry will succeed when they operate with optimized & transparent Inventory Management . By Automated Inventory advanced tools & managing the Inventory to month end physical counting will enable business for transparent tracking & accounting . Digizura automated Inventory tools will help business to monitor & manage real time Inventory movements through mobile technology.

Digital Inventory accounting 

Matching System inventory and Physical inventory is a tedious process for any warehouse manager and it requires regular stock reconciliation at least once in a quarter. This is again a manual process and hence the risk of errors are not completely eliminated. Barcode based counting process will replace all these manual processes by digitalized counting process with hand held devices with a display screen and capable of scanning barcode and does real time entry into system.

As bar-coded sticker on the physical batch stock is scanned, system checks for the system inventory against the same and corresponding entries are captured under a count number, which then can be reconciled by finance team later.

Benefits of Digital Shop floor

Industry Coverage

Digizura has the capability to implement digital shop floor in various industries mentioned below