Digital Shop Floor

What is a digital shop floor?

A digital shop floor will integrate existing ERP systems like SAP with applications and devices such as mobile bar code/QR code scanners and printers. This will be used to automate key processes on shop floor such Goods issue and reversal, SFG and Finished goods confirmation etc.

Along with that, SAP modules such as Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling or PPDS can be used and customized as per requirement to give accurate production schedules to the shop floor.

Digital Scheduling

Production planning is generally done from budgeted sales plan – to meet sales requirements as per production cycle times. Demand for the product is entered as Planned Independent requirements in SAP Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP-DS) module as part of SAP APO.

Alongside the desired scheduling date, the basis of detailed scheduling for an order, for example, are the capacity requirements of the activities. Optimum control which constraints, rules, and parameters the system must take into account during scheduling considering parameters like-

  • Priority
  • Capacity of Production Line
  • Sequence of the Production orders
  • Alerts

Digital Scheduler functionality in SAP will help scheduler to visualize the demand and capacity to derive optimum production like utilization and thus improve operational Excellence

Digital Shop floor Execution

Goods Issue to Shop floor

User scans the Bar code of the Raw materials in inventory and this triggers goods issue in SAP system

Shop floor confirmation

When Finished goods are confirmed,an IoT device will communicate it to SAP and Goods Receipt will happen in SAP system

Labelling of Finished Goods

A Bar code scanner will be used to scan the Gate entry sticker and Goods Receipt will be triggered in SAP system.

Benefits of Digital Shop floor

  • Reduces human error
  • Increases efficiency of shop floor
  • Improves shop floor productivity
  • Better accuracy and precision
  • Provides real time data to management

Industry Coverage

Digizura has the capability to implement digital shop floor in various industries mentioned below

  • Manufacturing
  • Automobile
  • Wires and Cables
  • Steel and Metal processing
  • Consumer goods
  • Cement