Simplified Inbound

Simplified Inbound Logistics Key features

Inbound logistics process can be simplified by integration sensors, Bar code scanners or QR Code scanners with ERP systems.

As an example, consider the process of Gate entry in a factory – Gate entry involves the security guard at the gate making the entry of the truck in the factory. This is to be followed by the weighing of the goods on a weigh bridge.

Below is an example of using Simplified inbound logisticsin Gate entry and Weighing process:

Gate Entry

At Gate Entry, the Security guard, will use a Bar code Scanner to scan goods in the incomming truck.

Weighing Process

Sensor on the weighing machine triggers a single when the truck arrives in the correct position.

Good Receipt(MIGO)

A Bar code scanner will be used to scan the Gate entry sticker and Goods Receipt will be triggered in SAP system.

Quality Check

A Bar code scanner will be used to scan the gate entry sticker and Quality Check will be performed in SAP system

Benefits of Simplified Inbound

Industry Coverage

Digizura has the capability to implement digital shop floor in various industries mentioned below